Get Your Business Online Program

Get Your Business Online Pilot Program 

About the Program

Connect BTX is happy to offer its Digital Business Program to all businesses located in Brownsville, TX. The goal of this program is do the following:


  • help assist businesses establish an online presence
  • Improve your business’s brand awareness on the internet
  • Give customers more ways to get in touch with your business
  • Train business employees how to use digital tools such as Google My Business

In addition, businesses will have the option of doing the following:


  • Purchase a domain online for your business
  • Build an online website for your business
  • Have photos taken of their business
  • Have a digital menu built for their business
  • Set up social media platforms

The Connect BTX, in partnership with the Brownsville Chamber of Commerce is committed to helping Brownsville businesses succeed. We want to be sure you will leave this program more prepared for the digital space than you ever have before.

Phase 1: Discovery

After your business is accepted into the program, The first step is to meet with a Business Liaison and conduct an audit of your business. With your Liaison, they will go over the following:

  • What digital platforms does your business currently use (if any)
  • Where would you like your business to be available online 
  • Is your business on Google Maps, and if so, do you have a Google My Business profile created and claimed
  • Is your business interested in receiving orders online (for takeout)?
  • Is your business interested in updating the design of their menu
  • Is your business interested in having an online website?
  • Does your business currently own a domain?
  • Is your business interested in getting the location photographed
  • Is your business interested in getting anything else photographed, such as menu items or staff (for the online website)

After this information is collected, your Business Liaison will meet with the Connect BTX team and begin crafting a personalized digital business plan for your business. We will then present you this plan, and after your approval, begin working on Building Digital Presence and executing this plan.

Phase 2: Building Digital Presence 

At this step of the program, your Business Liaison will be working to execute on your digital business plan. However, it is important that we are assisting you with the necessary training as the expectation is you will be maintaining these digital assets (domain, website, Google My Business) when you graduate from the program. During this phase, it is likely you may be assigned training with our Business Liaison on specific digital assets that were requested for your business.

Phase 3: Final Review

Upon completion of Phase 2, we will meet with you to discuss if any changes need to be made with Google My Business, or any other digital assets that we have been building in Phase 2. After you are satisfied with the digital assets, and feel comfortable that you can take over management of the assets, we will Graduate your business from the program.

Phase 4: Graduation

 Upon graduating from this program, you will have succeeded in the following:

  • Successfully built an online presence and now available to more customers online
  • Appear on Google My Business where you can manage, respond, and look at customer reviews, comments, and ratings
  • Have your menu displayed online
  • Have updated photos of your business

Congratulations! Your business has now established a digital presence and is better equipped and available to more customers. At Connect BTX, in partnership with the Brownsville Chamber of Commerce, we are committed to helping your businesses succeed. If you are interested in more training, please do not hesitate to reach out to this program.



There is no cost to join this program. However, the business is responsible for the payment of any digital assets they choose to enroll, such as but not limited to, domains, websites, etc.


If you no longer wish to be enrolled in this program, please send an email to so we have this for our records.



Connect BTX cannot manage your business’s social media after you graduate from the program. However, we are more than happy to assist with setting you up with how to do this.