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We are demanding nationwide municipal fiber internet.

Join us.

Fiber internet is more cost-effective, reliable, and faster than copper-wire internet infrastructure. It's the light bulb of the 21st century.

42 million Americans do not have reliable access to the internet.

The digital divide in America has never been more apparent because of the 2020 pandemic.

Disparities which already existed due to economic and geographic factors have only further exacerbated this problem.

As more of us work remotely, the need for access to broadband internet in all areas of the U.S. is abundantly clear-

internet access is a human right.

Fiber Future

Fiber-optic infrastructure can offer speeds of 1,000Mbps download & 1,000Mbps uploads, compared to copper-wire standard of 25Mbps/3Mbps upload

Hasan Minhaj • Why Your Internet Sucks

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The Verge • How Glass Fiber Is Shaping the Internet

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